Wella Koleston Perfect Pure Naturals 44/0 Intense Medium Brown Hair Colour / Tint 60ml Tubes

Wella Koleston Perfect Pure Naturals 44/0 Intense Medium Brown Hair Colour / Tint 60ml Tubes

  • Truly Perfect Colour Results
  • Intense, Vibrant and Beautifully Balanced Colour
  • New Fruity Fragrance

Koleston Perfect was the world’s first cream hair colourant when Wella invented it in 1950 and is still the first choice for permanent hair colour in tens of thousands of hair salons across the world. Koleston Perfect brings you a formulation for truly perfect colour results. Now with a recently improved formula that gives you outstanding performance, particularly when combined with Wella’s cream peroxide (Welloxon Perfect) which has been specially developed to get the best from Koleston Perfect. The new formula is gentle to the hair and will give it up to 69% more shine than non-coloured hair with intense, vibrant and beautifully balanced colour. There’s a choice of 109 different shades across 6 colour families: Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Vibrant Reds, Deep Browns, Special Blonde and Special Mix. Please see our other listings for these other shades! On top of this, Wella have developed a new fruity fragrance with the freshness of springtime. This helps to mask the smell of ammonia thus making the colouring experience more pleasant for you and your clients.

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