The no!no! Hair Refills 2 Long Hair, 3 Short Hair Thermicon Tip Blades (Classic Model ONLY)

The no!no! Hair Refills 2 Long Hair, 3 Short Hair Thermicon Tip Blades (Classic Model ONLY)

  • Contains 2 Long Hair Tips and 3 Short Hair Tips
  • For long-lasting hair removal without the cost, pain and inconvenience
  • Keep supplies on hand to make sure you get the full benefit of no!no! hair removal

STRICTLY FOR “no!no! CLASSIC MODEL” ONLY. The classic model is the most basic model which does not have a screen on the front or varying heat levels. These tips WILL NOT fit the no!no! 8800 or the no!no! plus. If your no!no! has a screen on the front allowing for selection of varying heat levels, then these tips will NOT fit. If you have any questions about buying the correct tips for your no!no! please message us to avoid confusion and returns. We will respond promptly. Thermicon Tips are an essential part of the no!no! professional hair removal system. Thermicon Tips are designed to last approximately for 2-3 hours of real-time use. This number is affected by many factors; the type of hair, frequency of treatments, etc. To prolong the life of Thermicon Tips, remember proper maintenance and clean the Hot Blade frequently during use and after you have finished treatment.

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